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Testimonial (11) Meniere’s Disease:

"Early in 2006 I began suffering from Meniere's-like symptoms which were very unpleasant and debilitating. I became almost house-bound and very depressed. Conventional medical treatment was ineffective and it seemed there was no hope to an end to the problem. I decided to try acupuncture and was fortunate to find Catherine.
The treatment took many months. Initially two or three times a week, then reducing to every two weeks , then to once a month as my condition improved.
I have no symptoms now. Catherine gave me my life back.
I found Catherine a most sympathetic and understanding person, who treated me gently in clean and comfortable surroundings. She always made me feel at ease and was confident that my condition would improve, which it did, of course.
Catherine is a lovely lady, whom I now regard as a friend." Judith Clarke, Hullbridge.

Testimonial (10) Shin Splints:

“I had a major problem with shin splints earlier this year and visited Catherine on the recommendation of a friend. Catherine’s manner is delightful, reassuring and very helpful. After six sessions the soreness in my shins was gone and I was able to resume my running and all round fitness training. I would recommend Catherine to anyone who is considering acupuncture.” Martin Warner, Billericay.

Testimonial (9) Stop Smoking:

“I have been seeing Catherine Huang since late June and although I am being treated for another condition, Catherine advised me that my smoking habits were adversely affecting that very condition.

She said that she would cure me of my compulsion to smoke and I reluctantly agreed as I have always loved smoking and have indeed smoked for the last 38 years. To cut a long story short, I found after a couple of treatments that I no longer had the urge to smoke (especially during stressful times) and after only about a month of treatment, I found that the very thought of smoking repugnant beyond belief. I have even got to the state now that I can barely stand to see other people smoke!

Anyway, I am incredibly pleased because giving up smoking has definitely helped to improve the condition for which Catherine is so ably treating me. My wife is also over the moon that she no longer has to put up with the smell of tobacco on me and my clothes!" Kevin Howlett, Benfleet.

Testimonial (8) Meniere’s Disease:

“Further to my earlier testimony several months ago I would like to put on record that after numerous Meniere’s attacks earlier this year and up to the month of May, Catherine has closely monitored my symptoms and has changed the herbal formula that I take regularly and following acupuncture weekly my health is better than it has been for 18 months.

The tinnitus I suffer from has decreased to a bearable level, the dizziness (which was several times a day) every day and the Attacks which left me in bed all day and feeling very ill and depressed, have greatly improved.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to Catherine over the past 18 months. She has been supportive, patient and very conscientious on each visit. She has never given up hope with my condition and her aim was to reduce the symptoms and attacks to a lesser degree and I can state she has definitely achieved that.

My overall feeling each day is just being able to get out of bed and feel more normal.I would highly recommend Catherine’s techniques and if anyone feels there is no hope of improving their health, whatever their problems may be, look no further than Catherine.

She is highly professional and a more caring person you would find hard to meet.” Mrs. E. Warner, Corringham

Testimonial (7) Embarrassing Bowel problem:

"I started to suffer from severe bowel leakage in 2000 and as you can imagine, I was devastated. I approached my GP who recommended Anusol (which was worse than useless) and as the months went on, my situation became more and more desperate. Within months, I was having to change my underpants sometimes ten or twelve times a day and the strain and humiliation was unbearable. What made it worse was that I never knew when it would happen. Some days were fine and other days were horrendous. I saw over the years several doctors and consultants and was tested for everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING. I had tubes pushed where tubes shouldn't go and in the end they all admitted defeat and said that they didn't know what was wrong with me. To make matters worse, I was told to “live with it”. Finally in desperation, I sought an alternative cure. Fortunately (thank the good lord) the second person that I spoke to was Catherine Huang. She listened carefully to me during our consultation and asked me questions that I had never heard before from the so called “Experts”. Well, after a few weeks, I noticed fantastic improvements and although yes, I did have the odd bad day in the early days, I am now completely free of it. A miracle you may ask yourself? Well, it is to me. Never can I thank Catherine enough for her great work and support. What of me? For the first time in eight years, I can leave home without worrying about my personal hygiene and feeling a freak. Yours gratefully." Paul Murphy, Benfleet.

Testimonial (6) Back Pain:

"After suffering back pain for 20 years, with the last year at times being unbearable, the Hospital said they were unable to find a reason or cure. The pain was far worse at night, meaning a full night’s sleep never happened.
Acupuncture was suggested. After five sessions with Catherine I have now got considerable relief and a full night’s sleep." Carol Brooke, Leigh-on-Sea .

Testimonial (5) Chronic Nerve Pain:

"After being told that Chinese acupuncture is more effective than the Western method, I changed my acupuncturist and was fortunate to find Catherine. I originally went to her for a long term problem of nerve damage following a very traumatic fall which resulted in a fracture and thereafter, long term nerve damage. I have never looked back once Catherine made such great progress with my problem which no one else seemed to be able to improve. Since then, however, I have had other health problems and indeed, I know I can approach Catherine with almost anything and she will certainly be able to help me. Catherine’s experienced treatment is very professional but very personal and friendly. She has a very good manner, which builds a good rapport with her clients. Oriental philosophy is something the Western world should listen very carefully to, as I believe it would be of great benefit to us all." Lizzy, Benfleet, Essex.

Testimonial (4) Insomnia:

"Having suffered from sleep problems for many years, which includes getting to sleep, night waking, cold sweats and vivid dreaming, and having tried many therapies such as hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural techniques and reflexology, to no avail, acupuncture was my last attempt at help before grabbing the sleeping pills.

After thoroughly searching through various governing bodies I decided to visit Catherine a few months ago. On my initial visit Catherine made me feel very relaxed and assured and we went through a very detailed consultation of my medical history, sleep problems and a session of acupuncture. I have to be honest and say that the first few visits left me feeling a little unwell, but found myself sleeping a little better. Catherine explained thoroughly the reasons for this and was always at the other end of the telephone if I had any concerns. This unwell feeling soon passed and having now had a course of six treatments I am sleeping better than I have for years which I never thought I would, thanks to Catherine.

Catherine is the utmost professional, listens intently and gives you a very detailed explanation to any question you may have. I am so pleased to have met her and would recommend to anyone having sleep problems please give Catherine a visit." Cheryl, Upminster , Essex.

Testimonial (3) Lower Back Pain:

"I had suffered pain in my lower back for some years, managed with the aid of painkillers. My husband, who was successfully being treated by Catherine, booked me in for a session. I was not pleased, and most sceptical, even more so when she suggested that my “ying” was blocked!

As instructed I lay on the couch whilst Catherine skilfully inserted various needles. She then said lay peacefully and “think good thoughts”. I really was very relaxed when I suddenly felt what seemed like someone scratching from the centre of my pain down to my leg. “Who did that” was my reaction, but looking around my Husband was sitting across the room reading the paper, whilst Catherine was working at her desk. I relaxed again until time to remove the needles. When I got up no pain. Since then, some 5 years ago, no pain and no painkillers.

I still do not understand things-but in my case acupuncture given by Catherine worked. November,2011" Mrs Janet Humphrey. Nipsells Chase. Mayland, Essex.

Testimonial (2) A case of Chronic Diarrhoea:

"Having been to the Doctor with a pain in my stomach and been given some pills that did no good at all, I went back to the surgery and told them that the tablets had not been effective and that the pain was now constant day and night. I was sent to the hospital for tests on various machines 3 in all and each one could find nothing wrong internally and I was told there was nothing wrong with me, even though there was a pain in my bowel both night and day. After two years of this I was ready to try anything so I contacted Catherine and tried Acupuncture as a treatment, and it worked. Catherine said it would take some time but she would cure me and she did, it did take some time, but after two years of pain it was well worth it, I am now free of any pain." Mr. E G Green,Hutton. October 2012, Essex.

Testimonial (1) An elderly patient suffering from complications of Multiple Myeloma

“A friend indeed, Catherine is positive with her advice. Acupuncture treatment has given me so much encouragement. My many thanks to an excellent lady - one I would also recommend.”
Mrs J. Elsdon, South Benfleet, Essex

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