Catherine Huang

Specialist in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicines

Catherine Ying Huang
Specializing in Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Essex
MScCHM., MBAcC., MRCHM.,MATCM., LicOHM., Cert. Ac., Dip. Ac., RGN
张莹 中医硕士 英国注册中医针灸师

6 Lampern Mews
Essex CM12 0FG

near Stock, Ingatestone, Brentwood, Basildon, Wickford and Chelmsford

Telephone: 01277 650971
Mobile: 07803 046458

Direct email:

I am an experienced and established Acupuncturist in Essex having practised Acupuncture for 30 years and have successfully treated thousands of patients in the UK. The aim is to provide highly professional, friendly and personal services to clients in order to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

I was born and grew up in China and came to England in 1979 after my education. I trained and qualified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) both in China and in the UK. I was a Registered General Nurse (qualified in 1988). I have completed a Master's degree course in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster in 2007.

Many clients have come to my Clinic through word of mouth and GP recommendations, as the Clinic provides exceptionally high quality care and treatment experience for clients in a tranquil and relaxing environment.

Consistent and impressive results have been achieved, particularly in the areas of:

- Stop Smoking
- Back and Neck Pain
- Migraine
- Sciatica
- Reproductive health in both male and female
- Infertility (Testimonials)
- Depression and Stress related illness
- Muscle & Joint pains and aches
- Alcohol or Drug addictions

A list of common problems that can be treated by Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies can be found at 'Conditions Treated by Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine'.

For the list of fees please click 'Fees'.

Professional Memberships:
British Acupuncture Council; Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine; The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK. All treatments are fully insured. All patients' information are strictly confidential.

My acupuncture practice is based in Billericay, Essex, which is within easy reach from Brentwood, Chelmsford, Maldon, Witham, Basildon, Southend, and Wickford, as well as Romford, Chipping, Ongar and Upminster.


All testimonies are 100% genuine and provided with the patient's consent

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New ! Testimonial (30) Back Pain for four years! From a very grateful patient with no more suffering!

"Review for Dr Catherine Huang

Hello everyone,
May name is Waleed, and I would like to share my treatment experience with you so that to save your time. I had a back injury for three years and difficulty with running and doing my normal exercises in the Gym. Soon I realised that I have to fix this problem as soon as possible no matter what, as it has great impacts on my daily lifestyle.
I started with the physiotherapy, but unfortunately it didn’t help. Then, I did 12 sessions with a chiropractor, which was a waste of time and money as well. They couldn’t figure out what’s the real cause of the problem is. Even though, I gave them the Images of the x-ray and the MRI report. Then I looked on line and I made some calls and finally got lucky and find Dr Catherine Huang. She is specialised in the Chinese acupuncture.
Probably you are wondering why I choose Dr Catherine over the other people! Well the answer is pretty simple.
Dr Catherine is a qualified Doctor of Chinese Acupuncture, whereas the other people got only experience in this field but without qualification. Moreover, Dr Catherine will never tell you how many sessions you need to do, on other hand, the other people will tell you, you need to do x sessions and negotiate the price firstly, before even know whether they will be able to treat you or not. Besides, Dr Catherine will examine you properly, and do all her checks and then decide what treatment will suit you according to the final diagnosis. In fact my body responded to the treatment from the first session. I couldn’t make any kind of flexion exercises or kneel down to dress my shoes or pick anything from the ground for three years. But I managed to do that straightaway after I had my first session with her. I couldn’t believe myself that I can do things which I couldn’t do it for such a long time. Believe it or not, she treated my back, my shoulder and my knee at the same time as well.

That’s why I recommend and advise anyone who have back injury or sport injury to contact Dr Catherine Huang as soon as possible, as she is the person who will help you with her knowledge and experience to go through this battle, make you feel happy and get back to your normal daily life without any pain or struggle.

Thank you very much Dr Catherine. I am very grateful to you. God bless you.
Best regards
Waleed 28.08.2020" BK17P27

New ! Testimonial (29) Heat rash for two years, extremely itchy, resolved!

"I write to say how pleased I am with the treatment you gave me for my skin condition. After three sessions of acupuncture and two weeks of your herbal remedy, the chest rash, which had bothered me for nearly two years, has cleared completely. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family". Bk17P34.JR. 05.08.2020.

New ! Testimonial (28) Hay-fever / Allergic Rhinitis for 10 years, with excellent result.

"After years of worsening hay fever leading to sinus problems it was suggested I saw a professional for acupuncture as no amount of anti histamines or hay fever symptom relief remedies were having any effect. My hay fever was so severe that it continued for most of the year and was making my life a misery. Catherine’s kind and very knowledgeable approach has been amazing. After having acupuncture sessions and herbal medicine this year I now feel completely different, I can breathe easily and I feel totally renewed. My only regret is that I wish I had seen Catherine sooner! Thank you so much Catherine I am forever grateful - you have made a huge difference to my life." LH BK17P12. 28.07.2020.

New ! Testimonial (27) Allergic Dermatitis since as a child, worse during the last 3-4 years. Result.

"Dear Catherine, I wanted to send you a heartfelt ‘thank you’. My skin, after all your care, continues to remain stable. It is no exaggeration to say that your expertise has giving me pain free, calm skin which in turn means I can sleep, have energy and confidence.
I can’t thank you enough.

Wishing you and your family all the best as the lockdown continues. Colette" BK16 P34. 25th of May 2020.

Testimonial (26) Undiagnosed Piriformis for 3 years in desperate need for help, with an amazing result

When I came to see Catherine earlier this year (02.01.20), she was my ‘last resort’ as I had been experiencing some agonising pain for over a month. I was at my lowest point mentally and physically despite high levels of medication to try and mask my pain…without success.
Over the last 3 years, 3 GPs, 1 chiropractor and 2 physiotherapists had tried to cure me from sciatica which in disguise became more and more serious till my breaking point.

When I spoke to Catherine, she reassured me and gave me the hope she would be able to cure me. None of the previous specialists had been able to find the core of my problem. But Catherine did! She used a 3D body map to show me different layers of muscles and was this way, able to identify the area which needed close attention. The pain was coming from the Piriformis muscle which had hardened like a stone over time, hence this excruciating pain when I was moving as it was creating tensions due to the fact it is situated next to the sciatic nerve. This explained why none of the previous treatment had been successful as I needed a deeper treatment to reach the second layer of muscle where the Piriformis is located.
Right from my first session, Catherine did manage to remove the burning pain from my leg which was keeping me awake at night despite a strong course of Morphine, Codeine and Valium I was taking every 2 hours. After 3 consecutive treatments of FSN (Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling technique), I was able to be free from any medication and was starting to see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel which had started 3 years ago.

Over the last 2 treatments, Catherine started a new technique called: ‘abdominal umbilical acupuncture’. This pain free technique aims at fully eradicating the origin of the pain by going back to the original cells of creation. I now feel 90% back to normal after only 6 weeks of treatment. Catherine is now working on the preventive aspect to ensure once I have reached the 100% pain free target, the pain is fully annihilated from my body.

Catherine is extremely gentle and would put you at ease prior to the treatment. She would take time to explain what she is doing and the impact it will have on the body area treated, always adding a little touch of humor. Having been a total novice in this holistic medical approach, I now am totally converted and would only swear by this type of cure.

I would highly recommend Catherine if you have any medical problems, whether mental or physical as Catherine’s revolutionary acupuncture techniques will succeed in reprogramming your body and mind. She is my little magical fairy and am so glad our paths have crossed.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart dearest Catherine. I am forever grateful. Peggy. Billericay" 21.02.20

Testimonial (25) Improvement of health with acupuncture,after stage 4 incurable breast cancer

"Catherine's acupuncture sessions have proved invaluable to me. Having been diagnosed with stage 4 incurable breast cancer in May 2018, I was unsure whether acupuncture was for me, however Catherine's vast knowledge on both acupuncture and cancer, coupled with her unique perspective on life in general has really helped me to focus my healing. She is continually positive and inspires me every time we meet.

Catherine uses different techniques for my healing and even though I have 13 tumors in my spine I do not need to take any conventional pain medication i.e. oral morphine to keep the pain at bay. The sessions I have with Catherine not only treat the pain, but they also treat the actual root of my diagnosis enabling me to thus far, remain in a ‘stable’condition.

I must also mention that following a particularly uncomfortable nights sleep I woke up with an excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder. I couldn’t turn my head hardly at all and was in a lot of pain. After only one treatment of FSN, and at the end of the session I had full mobility in my neck and the pain had reduced from 100% to 10%. The next morning, I had no pain whatsoever and have had no recurrence of the symptom since.

Recently I have started taking some herbal medicine from Catherine and since this, my blood results, which need to be at a certain level for my monthly treatment to continue, have improved. The taste of my concoction is very pleasant, and I enjoy drinking it.

Catherine is very professional and very gifted in her craft and I would encourage anyone who is considering acupuncture for numerous conditions to contact her. Lin B - Hutton" 06.Jan.2020

Testimonial (24) FSN-special pioneering technique to treat Back, Neck, Arm, Achilles Pain successfully

"I first visited Catherine with a suspected trap nerve in my shoulder. Previously I have tried to have this treated by a Physio but was unsuccessful, it was only acupuncture which previously relieved it.

After my first treatment from Catherine to my back, neck and arm the pain was relieved by about 80%, by the third treatment, tension in neck, back and arm completely gone with full movement back in my neck. I have been to acupuncture once before Catherine, but her techniques differ considerably along with carrying out target exercises during the treatment, whereby the benefits are noticed quickly.

Whilst having these treatments I mentioned to Catherine that I had been seeing a physio for 2 months for pain in both Achilles heels, which feels like a vice on my ankles. Despite carrying out the exercises given to me by my Physio the pain remained and was even getting worse on really cold mornings. Catherine is using a new technique called Fu's Subcutaneous Needling, with only one session the pain has subsided radically. Catherine is continuing to use this technique to treat my lower body and has given me some exercises to complete to assist in my recuperation as the tightness in my muscles in my legs has exasperated the Achilles problem. This was my last resort as the other alternative would be to have surgery which I want to avoid. Fingers crossed that with a couple more treatments from Catherine that surgery can be avoided.

Catherine is very knowledgeable and professional and I will post once my course of treatment has finished, if you are suffering from long term pain I would recommend booking an appointment with Catherine. Jon. Wickford, Essex " 03.Jan.2020

Testimonial (23) Successful treatment for Shoulder Pain

"Hi I'm writing about a recent visit to Catherine Huang. I've had an ongoing problem with my right shoulder/arm for many months. An ultrasound examination confirmed a case of tendonitis in the right shoulder. This was having an impact on my work and social life to. Following various treatments :- Physiotherapy , Electrotherapy, exercises, and also using a good quality infrared lamp, the condition had only improved slightly. Then following a work colleagues recommendation to try acupuncture, I booked an appointment with Catherine. The treatment given was Fu`s Subcutaneous needling (FSN).The result was amazing in the fact that I could now get full use of my right arm again.

I would also like to add how the professionalism and friendly nature of Catherine impressed me too.
Alan, Corringham, Essex." 11.Dec.2019

Testimonial (22) Successful treatment for Neck, Shoulder Pain, and Ganglion, Heavy periods:

" After injuring my neck around 15 years ago, I was getting daily headaches & migraines with constant neck & shoulder pain. I had tried chiropractors, osteopaths & monthly massages over the years but nothing helped or ever solved the problem. This resulted in me having to take very strong painkillers on most days & nothing ever completely got rid of the pain, they just masked it for a while & then it would return.

After only 3 acupuncture sessions with Catherine, my neck & shoulders are 100% better & the pain has gone. I no longer have the daily headaches or any aches & pains in my neck or shoulders. My neck used to click & be all crunchy when I moved it but now all of that has gone.

Catherine used a new technique called Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling or FSN where the needles actually went under the skin & she manoeuvred them expertly to help release the tension & pain I had in my neck. She explained how by stimulating the needles in this layer makes the tightened muscles relax, so the pain will ease & the body will heal itself back to health & this is exactly what happened.

She also worked on a ganglion that I have had in my wrist for over 20 years & after each session, it reduced dramatically in size by half, until it no longer bothered me.

Catherine spent time with me finding out if I had any other health issues. Looking at my tongue & doing my blood pressure, she prescribed me some herbal medicine to help ease my neck pain as well as other problems I had. For years, I’d had very heavy periods with migraines each month & again now after the medicine & the acupuncture, I have since had lighter monthly cycles with virtually no pain at all & no migraines either.

I cannot recommend Catherine enough for what she has done to help me. Not only is she a very talented lady at what she does but a lovely, friendly person who takes time out to make sure you are feeling the best you can be & I am so glad to have met her. I cannot believe how good I feel now. I have got my life back & am out of pain & this is all thanks to Catherine, she truly is amazing. Tracy R. Billericay" 21.06.2018

Testimonial (21) Successful treatment for Sciatica and Back Pain:

"Dear Catherine
We would like to thank you so much for all the help and relief you gave to us on Saturday 25th November.
Patricia my wife was in so much pain it was difficult for her to even get in the car and very difficult for her to walk,after having floating needle in several places on her back she is so much better now and today Monday took our dog's for a walk without your help we would not have managed this.
Thank you so much! Patricia Sumpton" 27.11.2017

Testimonial (20) Successful 5 day course for stop smoking:

"Hi Catherine,

I would just like to thank you very much for your care and professionalism throughout my acupuncture treatment.

From the start, you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I thought the service I received was brilliant, professional, personal and most importantly very effective. As you know, I have not smoked a single cigarette since the first appointment I saw you. I've told all my friends and family about it and hope that they will too decide to undertake the treatment.

Once again, thank you for everything. You have made such a big difference and I feel fantastic.

Best wishes,Kathleen Mitchell, from Laindon" 20.10.2014

Testimonial (19) Sciatica and neck pain/stiffness:

"I recently endured six weeks of sciatic nerve pain which would ease during the day… but would often give intense or excruciating pain in my right buttock, right calf and the top of my right foot at night time when I am either relaxing or sleeping. On some occasions, this resulted in a practically sleepless night.

I was seeing my doctor at least once a week desperate for help, but he insisted I take the maximum amount of pain killers and would not offer other treatments or exercises. I tried to get physiotherapy, but my appointment is still 4 weeks away with the NHS, so I started looking for alternatives and decided on acupuncture.

After looking at a number of practices in acupuncture, I came across Catherine’s and read the reviews. I made an enquiry & booked an appointment for some treatment. The first appointment was a combined consultation and treatment lasting approximately 90 minutes, whereby Catherine found out a little bit about me, then began the acupuncture treatment. For anyone scared of needles, let me just say that these needles are ultra-thin and you hardly feel any pain at all… it is marvellous, but the best bit is that after my first treatment, I needed NO pain killers… the excruciating pain in my buttock had GONE completely and I only had residual pins and needles in my calf from time to time and a little joint stiffness, all after the first treatment.

As a result of this vast improvement in my wellbeing, I booked a second treatment with Catherine yesterday, whereby she gave me acupuncture for stiffness in my neck. After this treatment which lasted 60 minutes, I felt marvellous and this is all down to the technique Catherine uses. There is indeed a lot to be said about Chinese medicine and my advice to anyone enduring pain or discomfort, is contact Catherine… don’t suffer in pain!!! It’s the best decision I have made and I would certainly have more treatment here.

Thank you Catherine… you have been marvellous!!! Regards," Trevor Stanbridge, Canvey Island 23.07.2014

Testimonial (18) Successful fertility treatment of a challenging case:

"After one year of trying for a baby we were devastated when we discovered that not only my husband had very low sperm motility and extremely low morphology, but also I had very high FSH, 27. Consequently we visited three fertility clinics and did many tests only to be told that even if we went for IVF our chances of having our own child would be of 5% and they recommended us to go via the egg donation route. After doing some research, acupuncture seemed like the most viable way to lower my FSH, which I needed if we were to have free IVF on the NHS. We both started having weekly sessions and herbal medicines at Catherine's clinic. By November my husband’s sperm count, morphology and motility had all improved significantly and my FSH had come down to 15. Just when we least expected we were far more pleasantly surprised to find out that I had conceived naturally by the end of January, two to three months after seeing Catherine; she also helped me through my pregnancy especially in correcting the baby's position from breech to cephalic presentation. We are just days away from our first son's birth and we know that this would have never been possible without the guidance, care and professionalism of Catherine to whom we are immensely grateful." Mrs E. Chelmsford, September 2010

Testimonial (17) Treating Lower Back Pain after two hip replacement operations of an 83 year old lady:

"Catherine treated my backache last week. I just want to say how grateful I am. The backache had gone. It was like magic. 08.10.2013" Mrs J M Basildon

Testimonial (16) A case of severe Trigeminal Neuralgia:

"I went to see Catherine out of sheer desperation. I have been suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia for over two years and recently undergone two operations, both of which had failed and had made the condition worse to the point of the pain being relentless and unbearable.
My daughter found Catherine's website and the fact that it mentioned she could treat Trigeminal Neuralgia suggested I should give acupuncture a try, after all nothing else had worked.
I went along for the consultation with my wife as the pain in my face and especially my tongue was so bad at this point I could hardly speak. My wife explained things to Catherine who listened and understood the condition fully, made many notes and she explained things in such a way it all made perfect sense. Catherine also explained how my body was trying to cope with this chronic condition and that she was able to help me. I broke down in tears as the pain was so constant and relentless the thought of someone being able to help me was over whelming.
I had my first session of acupuncture along with the consultation and I could not believe the result. I was able to speak properly with virtually no pain, the pain relief was unbelievable.
I have had six sessions now with Catherine and the results are wonderful. With each session the pain is getting less and less and the area the Trigeminal Neuralgia is affecting is getting smaller and smaller. CATHERINE HAS GIVEN MY LIFE BACK.

It's going to take a few more sessions yet of acupuncture and her Herbal tea but Catherine has achieved more in 3 weeks than the experts have done in 2 years.
I have been able to reduce the medication I have been taking to less than half and Catherine believes that in time I will be able to stop altogether.
I truly believe that Western Medicine could learn an awful lot from Eastern Medicine.

Catherine is a very professional caring person and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
As I said earlier she has given me back my life and for that I am truly grateful." David Hall - Laindon Essex Oct.2013

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