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Fertility and Gynaecology Specialty

I have had high success results particularly in treating both male and female fertility related issues, pregnancy and gynaecological problems during my 34 years of clinical experience. I have treated so many successful cases, especially during the last 16 years for fertility treatment, but everybody is different and needs to be assessed individually.

New: Testimonial (19) "Catherine was a life saver for my husband and I, our fertility journey was definitely not straightforward and after meeting Catherine it gave us hope. "

"Dear Catherine, Thank you so much for providing me with the best treatment. Every session you made me feel relaxed and helpful.
You are a very special person and without your help and guidance I wouldn’t of been here today with my bundle of joy. All my love, Jordana xxxxx"

"I am 34 and my husband is 42, I’ve never had any problems with my period and have no health problems. After trying for a year and a half to fall pregnant we decided to try IUI, after 3 failed IUI treatments we then moved onto IVF. At this point I was told my AMH was lower than average but still had a good chance of falling naturally. Starting our first round of IVF we were convinced we would get pregnant and was so excited at the thought of having a baby finally after what seemed such a struggle. Sadly the first round failed and it was apparent my issue was worse than we originally thought, I had very low quality eggs. We only retrieved 3 eggs and none of them reached blastocyst. After a lot of research and looking for an alternative approach I found Catherine, the reviews spoke for themselves and I immediately booked an appt. I was treated for 6 months, I followed all of her advice and found being in her presence calming. I was going through a very dark time and I can’t thank her enough for her positivity, knowledge and hope.

After 5 months of herbal tea & intense accupunture we decided to try another round of IVF and this time it stuck, I produced 7 eggs all with good quality grading and the best one was put back in, 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Hand on heart I genuinely do not feel like it would of happened without Catherine. Jordana Parker 15.Nov.2022. " BK18P58.
Jordana: " Yes of course, I’m happy to use my name ! I would shout it from the roof tops every day if I could xxx"

Testimonial (18) "I fell pregnant the very first month ! "

"Following a devastating missed miscarriage, I decided to look into alternative therapies to help me conceive again which is when I found Catherine. I had a few acupuncture sessions with her before starting Chinese herbal medicine. I fell pregnant the very first month of taking the medicine, and 9 months later my precious Son was born!
Catherine is such a lovely and kind lady, I will forever be grateful to her. She is so easy to talk to and she kept me feeling positive and believing that I would have a successful pregnancy. She was right, I did!!
I would not hesitate in recommending her. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to achieve my baby boy. Mrs D, Essex" .
07.04.2021. BK16P72

Testimonial (17) " I successfully conceived in that very first cycle! "

"Before trying for a baby, I was already aware of Catherine as she had helped my sister become pregnant after a year without success.
When I decided to start trying myself, I managed to conceive but unfortunately had a miscarriage shortly after. A few months later, I decided to seek Catherine's help. I wanted to avoid another miscarriage and hoped she could help improve my egg quality. I was also stressed with work and wasn't sleeping properly so wanted help with this.
After my first consultation and acupuncture session, I already felt more relaxed. The consultation lasted the full 1.5 hours and in this time, Catherine came up with a plan completely tailored to my needs. She also made a personalised tea for me to take twice a day over my next cycle.
Much to my surprise, I successfully conceived in that very first cycle! She then gave me a different tea to support my pregnancy for the first few weeks and avoid miscarrying again.

I'm happy to say that I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl 6 weeks ago and am very grateful for all Catherine's expertise, kindness and support. SD" 08.May. 2020

Testimonial (16) One couple's fertility issue, a speedy result in only two months!

"My husband and I decided to go and visit Catherine after not conceiving for almost 2 years. I had suffered a missed miscarriage and this had had significant negative effects on my body. We were both feeling drained and tired and never ever thought that we would have a child. Previously I had tried reflexology, especially for reproduction, but after 6 months we still didn't have any joy in conceiving.

We went and saw Catherine and she gave us advice on some tests we should run so that she could have a comprehensive overview of us both. In addition to this she advised me to start temperature tracking each day so that she could analyse the results. My husband's test result showed low sperm count and poor morphology, most likely due to the stress of trying to conceive. I also had unexplained spotting month after month that no doctor or specialist could explain or solve.

When we went and saw Catherine she treated us both with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Almost immediately I felt better and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My husband also thoroughly enjoyed his sessions! Catherine told us it may take 3-4 months to conceive, but after just 2 months we discovered I was pregnant! Catherine had cured my spotting and we were going to have a baby!

Catherine is absolutely fantastic, she is so thorough and spends so much time figuring out each individual patient. Never once did either my husband or I feel rushed when we went to visit her. We have her to thank for the rest of our lives for the most special gift we have ever been given, our son, who was born in December. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who is considering it. I promise you wont regret it! Thank you Catherine for everything you have done for us and for helping us in our journey to parenthood. Without you we simply would not have been given the most wonderful gift of our son." Mr and Mrs K. 30.04.2020 Essex.

Testimonial (15) "Thank you Catherine! Yes he certainly is our miracle baby":

"I went to see Catherine who came highly recommended by my friend’s sister. At 29 I had been told I had extremely low AMH levels and I would have to go through IVF if I wanted to conceive a baby. At the time of seeing Catherine I had already had one failed IVF attempt and felt extremely low. When I had my initial consultation with Catherine in January 2019 I was amazed by the advice she had given me and how certain ailments I was suffering from she was able to explain to me and more often then not they linked to my fertility. We started acupuncture and Chinese herbs straight away and I enjoyed my sessions with Catherine as she put my mind at ease and often comforted me. In February I started my second round of IVF and with Catherine’s help this time I fell pregnant. I continued to see Catherine through the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy and I know her and her treatment helped support my pregnancy especially when I suffered an unexpected bleed. I now have a beautiful and healthy baby boy and will forever be thankful to Catherine to the help she provided for my body to achieve that." Mrs F. 26.04.2020.

Testimonial (14) Support after the first failed ICSI, it has made all the difference:

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over two years when I had my initial consultation with Catherine in November 2019. I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and referred for two rounds of NHS-funded ICSI. We had completed our first round using one embryo earlier in the year, which was unsuccessful. After this sad time we really wanted our next attempt to work, so I started investigating alternative therapies and came across Catherine's website.
My consultation with Catherine was so helpful. She thoroughly reviewed my medical history and my tracked basal body temperatures, and gave me insights into how my body was working/not working that no other doctor had before. I found this information particularly useful, as this really helped me to understand part of the reason I hadn't managed to conceive so far. By the time I had my consultation I had already started taking the preparation drugs for our second round of fertility treatment to happen in December, so rather than trying to improve my overall fertility at this time Catherine focused on treatments to support the planned ICSI round instead. We booked in two acupuncture sessions (one before my embryo transfer and one after) to improve blood flow and help the pregnancy to take. During the first session, after about 10 minutes I felt my body suddenly get a lot warmer. Considering my temperature had consistently been too low to conceive I took this as a good sign! We went to the clinic for the embryo transfer, using two embryos this time, and I made sure I stayed as warm as possible as per Catherine's advice, then had the second acupuncture session in the evening.
Just after Christmas 2019 we had our first ever positive pregnancy test, and a month later we were even more blessed to find out that both embryos had successfully implanted and we were expecting twins! I am now 21 weeks pregnant and I truly believe we would not have had a positive outcome without Catherine's help. I would recommend her to anyone trying to conceive. S Payne, 21.04.2020"

Testimonial (13) Success! "Catherine, I am pregnant! You are right all along" :

"I first visited Catherine after my third miscarriage, all within the first trimester (6 weeks, 12 weeks & 8 weeks). I had researched success stories about recurrent miscarriage and alternative therapies such as accupuncture so began to find a suitable acupuncturist, and came across Catherine. After reading other testimonials on her website I booked my first appointment. She took her time at this appointment and subsequent ones to find out exactly what had been happening and created a plan tailored to me. She asked me to start BBT charts to track my menstrual cycle and would ask to review them each time I went to see her, and would tailor the accupuncture and herbal medicine to any symptoms I had. Alongside the accupuncture I went to a private clinic where I was diagnosed with natural killer cells and a clotting gene mutation and I was prescribed steroids and blood thinning medication. After telling Catherine about these results she took the time to research all about my diagnosis before our next appointment and adjusted my plan accordingly. Once we had been advised to try and get pregnant again, Catherine supported me throughout the process. Two days after I had been advised to do a pregnancy test to determine whether to continue on steroids that the private clinic had prescribed (it was negative), I saw Catherine. She looked at my BBT chart and told me to do another pregnancy test as she thought I could be pregnant and to my surprise she was right! She knew before anyone! She then supported me throughout the pregnancy until I was around 4 months, and then discharged me unless anything changed. She continued to check on me and even messaged me on my due date to check I was keeping well. I had my miracle baby boy in August 2019 and will always be truly grateful for everything that Catherine did both before and during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any fertility issues. She is very understanding, kind and professional and I am pleased to say that I am now added to her vast amount of success stories." BK15/25 17th Sept. 2019

Testimonial (12) A 24 years old lady stop having period for 7 years. Success for Amenorrhea ! :

“After 7 years of not having a natural period I went to Catherine not really believing anything could help me and having exhausted all other avenues. After a few sessions of acupuncture and a while of taking herbal medicine my periods began to come back. Slowly I am returning back to a normal menstrual cycle.
Catherine was so caring and approachable it was really easy to explain my story to her. Her explanation of what was happening in my body and how she might be able to help me was clear and really helped me to understand. She is not forceful or judgmental-she is always taking into consideration the patient’s needs, emotions and situation. Louise M. Essex 27.04.2019”

Testimonial (11) First time pregnancy! with low AMH and other issues, :

" My husband and I tried to have a baby for a year before we went for testing. I wasn't too concerned as I was only 33 and pretty healthy in general. His results were fine, however, I was shocked and devastated to learn my results indicated a low ovarian reserve with a high FSH reading of 18.4 and low AMH and follicle count. As well as my low fertility, I also was experiencing very heavy painful periods and also mid-cycle bleeding. I saw a fertility specialist in Harley street and he recommended IVF which would be an expensive route as due to my poor FSH, I wouldn't be able to qualify on the NHS. I also didn't feel it was the right path for me, and decided to look into TCM.

I came across Catherine after she treated my friend and helped her have a successful pregnancy following a miscarriage. Even though I live quite far from Catherine, I had been to previous acupuncturists nearer me without success and I thought I'd give it one last go with someone recommended.

During the consultation, Catherine analysed various things and worked out a specific treatment plan for me which included drinking a herbal tea twice a day. As I lived quite far, I only planned to have acupuncture once a month. During the first month of treatment, I noticed my period was slightly less painful, however very heavy, and it felt like I was being 'cleared out', I don't know how else to describe it! My digestion also improved which was a surprise! In general, my body just seemed to be functioning better. During my next menstrual cycle I noticed for the first time that I had no bleeding between periods, and looked forward to a less painful period. However, I didn't even get to that point, because just 7 weeks after my initial appointment with Catherine, I discovered I was pregnant - my first ever positive pregnancy test! Catherine was the first person I rang and I was in total shock.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and so far so good. Just want to thank Catherine and all she's done for me. I truly don't think I would be in this position without her. Since my treatment, she has also helped my dad with sciatica in only 2 acupuncture sessions, so I'll definitely be recommending her going forward.
Mrs. D, London 25.05.0218.
Update: I continued to have a successful pregnancy, and I have now given birth to a healthy baby girl. Again, thank you Catherine for helping me achieve my beautiful daughter. Mrs. D, London 12.01.0219.

Testimonial (10) Improved egg quality, success with low AMH :

"At 37, I desperately wanted a third child, however after suffering hormonal challenges, miscarriage and a gap of 6 years since my last child, things were looking bleak. I was told after a variety of tests by my GP, that my egg quality and quantity were poor and it was very unlikely to happen. I was left feeling very disheartened and told the only thing on offer to me was medical intervention which was unlikely to be successful. I sought Catherine’s expertise. Catherine is a true professional and whilst she didn't promise anything, I underwent a course of care with her. Only 3 months later I was pregnant, and had treatment though out pregnancy and am now blessed with a beautiful daughter (who has 2 amazing big brothers who are completely in love with her). I am so grateful to Catherine for her support, positive advice and treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine. If you want to have a baby and feel all hope is lost, or just want the support of someone caring, compassionate and very skilled at their craft- then it’s a must. Thank you Catherine, my family is complete and I am hugely grateful for the part you played." 18th November 2013 J. Davison. Maldon, Essex.

Testimonial (9) Success after failed IVF and ICSI for a new couple :

"My husband and I had been trying for a baby for about two years and as nothing had happened, a friend recommended that we should think about checking our fertility. The results were devastating as it showed that I had poor quality eggs and my husband had low sperm court and motility.
We tried lots of fertility improving drugs/vitamins and diets only to be left disappointed. It was then we made a decision to go down the IVF route. We had one cycle of ICSI which unfortunately wasn't successful and on our follow up appointment we were told that I would never be able to have my own children and an egg donor is recommended if we were to try the IVF route again. I was devastated, this first cycle had left me feeling very down, I had gained a stone in weight and the drugs had left me with severe acne. My confidence had sunk to rock bottom and the thought of going through that again was terrifying.
I confided to a friend who was in a similar situation and she suggested acupuncture and gave me Catherine’s details. After the first appointment I felt instantly happier, Catherine filled me with confidence that she could help us and she said for us to give her three to six months with us both being treated once week, she also said she would be able to do something regarding my acne.
After two months of seeing Catherine my period was two days late which was quite unusual but I did not want to get my hopes up as it had only been eight weeks of seeing Catherine. We waited a couple more days and then decided to do a pregnancy test which to our total amazement was positive. We could not believe it and the smiles have not left our faces. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and have acne free skin and it’s all thanks to Catherine.
We cannot recommend her highly enough." 15th February 2013 Mr and Mrs Taylor, Grays, Essex

Testimonial (8) Cross-Channel Fertility Success:

"I suffered from 3 miscarriages. After taking all the medical exams my husband and I, the occidental medicine was not able to find the cause of my miscarriages and was therefore unable to offer me a solution to my problem. I was desperate, reaching almost 39 years old, the clock was also ticking.
I had read about acupuncture treatments and the benefits of it in the fertility field. A friend of mine gave me the contact details of Catherine. It was a hard decision to take since I live in Paris. After my last miscarriage in July 2012, I decided to take an appointment with Catherine. It was a long trip for me, but I felt that it was maybe my only chance to have one day a baby. When we first met, she really listened to me and she gave me lots of support, I was extremely affected by the last miscarriage. I decided to follow her treatment and to arrange one appointment per month. She gave me herbal treatments to help me and we met once a month for the acupuncture treatment. I travelled every month to Billericay to meet her. Catherine is extremely professional and positive. She gave me lots of hope and reassured me a lot. In March 2012 after 9 months treatment with Catherine, my husband and I went on holidays and when we came back I discovered that I was expecting a baby. I continued to follow the treatment with Catherine. I am so pleased to tell you that I am at this present time 35 weeks pregnant, the baby has already turned around, my little boy is doing very well & he is moving a lot. During the all pregnancy my scans were excellent; I had not bleeding at all, no threat of miscarriage at all. I actually felt really calm and Catherine once again gave me lots of support. My doctor was really amazed of the benefits of acupuncture. I am totally sure that Catherine really contributed to this successful pregnancy, she made it happen! My little boy would never be here without her professional help. In 5-6 weeks this little boy will be with us. When he gets bigger, I will of course travel to Billericay to introduce my little boy to Catherine!" A Barboza, Paris. 23. Oct. 2012.

Testimonial Update:
"Dear Catherine, I would like to thank you with all my heart for this amazing gift you gave me for Christmas. Our Little boy is gorgeous. This amazing present happened thanks to your support. We will come over to visit you when he is a little bigger.
Very Warm Regards."
A,R,W. A Barboza, Paris December 2012

Testimonial (7) Miscarriage:

“After having suffered four miscarriages over a three year period I contacted Catherine for information on how acupuncture could possibly assist in revitalising my depleted body. At our initial consultation Catherine offered comprehensive advice and assurance that acupuncture would not only help with my recovery but could also positively assist with any future pregnancies. I was sceptical about the pregnancy angle as we had already consulted various doctors, fertility clinics and had endless tests all of which found no physical explanation for why the miscarriages had occurred.

Soon after our first consultation, I had complications related to the fourth miscarriage and I was offered an operation at a local hospital. Under Catherine's supervision however I delayed the operation and she provided treatment which quickly aided my body in completing the required process thereby avoiding another operation.

After six months of treatment, using both acupuncture and herbal remedies, my health was restored and I became pregnant. Almost immediately the familiar problems, such as early bleeding, reoccurred and Catherine interpreted these symptoms and tailor-made a treatment for each of them. All of her remedies and actions throughout were carefully explained. She monitored my progress, often daily, and managed each new stage ensuring that I had all the advice and relevant herbal medicines required. After an intense first 12 weeks we were so delighted to see our baby developing as at this stage we had reached a crucial milestone.

During the remainder of the pregnancy Catherine continued to fully support both myself and the baby, her professionalism and positivity during this time were invaluable. At a 28 week check the midwife found that the baby had yet to turn and therefore wasn't lying in the correct position for birth, again Catherine successfully provided treatment ensuring that the baby turned and I'm delighted to say that on the 19th October our son was born, happy and healthy.” N Brown, Billericay

Testimonial (6) Induction of labour:

"After being diagnosed with severe endometriosis causing infertility, I decided to try a course of acupuncture. I attended weekly sessions with Catherine before, during and after my first, successful, cycle of IVF. I enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy but when my baby was more than a week overdue, I decided to have a session of acupuncture to induce labour. My acupuncture session was in the afternoon and the following morning I went into labour. My beautiful baby boy was born less than 24 hours later. Catherine has been a wonderful support to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending her." Mrs D. Rayner, Essex.

Testimonial (5) A couples' fertility plea:

"I started acupuncture as I was struggling to fall pregnant. I thought that this was due to my irregular menstrual cycle. With both acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine my menstrual cycle went from being anything from 35 to 56 days to be being exactly 28 days. However, we later discovered that my husbands sperm had poor morphology and motility. Our GP told us we would struggle to conceive even with IVF and I was given an appointment with a fertility doctor for two months time. Catherine offered to help my husband and he began having acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine as well, with hope that this would help enhance our chances of conceiving with fertility treatment. However, I became pregnant naturally within 6 weeks of my husband starting treatment with Catherine and didn't need to attend my fertility appointment. I continued to visit Catherine throughout my pregnancy. I suffered from bleeding at 7 weeks and she was able to stop this. Additionally, her treatment helped reduce morning sickness and other pregnancy discomforts. I recently gave birth to beautiful baby girl and my husband and I are so grateful to Catherine for all of her help." Mrs S, September 2012, Essex.

Testimonial (4) Fertility issue:

"Following treatment for severe endometriosis, causing infertility, I attended weekly acupuncture sessions with Catherine in the months leading up to, during, and after my first IVF cycle. I also had acupuncture immediately before and after embryo transfer, and was lucky enough to conceive. I continued acupuncture for the first three months of my pregnancy and am now 28 weeks pregnant. During the IVF cycle I felt calm, in control and suffered no side-effects - I believe this was due to my weekly acupuncture sessions.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine. She takes great pride in her work and was a wonderfully calming influence at what should have been a very stressful time for me. I can't thank her enough." Mrs D. Rayner, Essex.

Testimonial (3) Sickness during pregnancy:

"I was 12 weeks pregnant and had been suffering from severe morning sickness for 6 weeks. My GP wanted me to take medication to stop the vomiting. I wanted to avoid taking medicine and a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. After 3 treatments on consecutive days, I went from being sick anywhere from 6 to 10 times a day down to 2 to 3 times. I continued having treatment twice a week for about a month until the sickness stopped.
When I became pregnant with my second child, the sickness started at 4 weeks, and rapidly increased in frequency. Within 4 days I was vomiting in excess of 10 times a day. I immediately contacted Catherine, and after 2 sessions in 2 days the vomiting had been reduced to 2 to 3 times a day. As a result of the acupuncture, on both occasions, I was able to avoid taking medication.
On returning to see Catherine for my second pregnancy, it felt like going back to see an old friend. Her calm manner, experience and qualifications made me feel secure in her ability to treat me.” Mrs. B, Billericay

Testimonial (2) - Successfully conceived with the help of acupuncture:

"Following a diagnosis that I suffered from polycystic ovaries, I decided to combine acupuncture whilst taking the drug clomid to help me conceive. I was very fortunate to fall pregnant two months later after acupuncture treatments given by Catherine, and was glad that I had given everything my best shot. I had read so much about acupuncture helping with fertility problems and conception. Catherine was a great help as I was very upset following my diagnosis and she was very understanding and always had time to listen... I felt I needed to do all I could to enhance my chances of conceiving. Thankfully for me, I didn't need to have too many sessions and I am glad to this day that I gave it my best shot at achieving my dream of having a second child. Anon,Billericay

Testimonial (1) Successful fertility treatment of a challenging case:

"After one year of trying for a baby we were devastated when we discovered that not only my husband had very low sperm motility and extremely low morphology, but also I had very high FSH, 27. Consequently we visited three fertility clinics and did many tests only to be told that even if we went for IVF our chances of having our own child would be of 5% and they recommended us to go via the egg donation route. After doing some research, acupuncture seemed like the most viable way to lower my FSH, which I needed if we were to have free IVF on the NHS. We both started having weekly sessions and herbal medicines at Catherine's clinic. By November my husband’s sperm count, morphology and motility had all improved significantly and my FSH had come down to 15. Just when we least expected we were far more pleasantly surprised to find out that I had conceived naturally by the end of January, two to three months after seeing Catherine; she also helped me through my pregnancy especially in correcting the baby's position from breech to cephalic presentation. We are just days away from our first son's birth and we know that this would have never been possible without the guidance, care and professionalism of Catherine to whom we are immensely grateful." Mrs E. Chelmsford, September 2010

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